Building Bicycle Wheels Building

Building wheels is a craft that requires knowledge and patience. I am an engineer by trade. As such I have the innate mechanical aptitude and attention to technical detail necessary for quality wheel building. What I can build you is a high quality carbon fiber or aluminum wheelset that fits your needs. I do not make compromises; every component we (because this is a collaboration between you and I) decide to use is of the highest quality. Learn more about PSIMET custom wheels.

The PSIMET Advantage

The advantage of my wheels is that I consult with you ahead of time. I have been doing this for a long time and I have gained a lot of experience learning what works and does not work. The ultimate goal is to put you on the lightest, strongest, fastest, and most affordable wheels for your particular needs. The fact that each wheel is built by hand, tensioned by hand, and doesn’t leave my shop until it meets my standards is an included bonus.