Jan Totals

Spurred on by aham’s blog I decided to catch up on my log book. Ran some numbers for Jan. Not overly impressive, but they are what they are:

Riding (mostly trainer) : 20h23m
Strength (core and weights) : 5h50m
Running (le suck) : 2h <- Mainly 10 minute warmups for core work. I’m not really following my “training plan” a la Friel, but wtf…I look better than I have and I am putting some good numbers down and it’s only the beginning of Feb. I did 3 indoor TT’s all Cat 4:
1/2 hour VQ TT – 6 out of 9
10k ABD TT #1 – 15 out of 28
10k ABD TT #2 – 12 out of 23

Hopefully we can get on the road here soon and I can maybe start getting some runs in outside. I can’t stand the treadmill. This weekend is looking good for some group riding out of the shop. Team + anyone else who shows. I hope the weather holds…

EDIT: OH and how can I forget…I borrowed some rollers and tried them out tonight. Awesome. I love them and I am surprisingly naturally good at riding them. I moved out of the dooreay within 10 minutes or so. I still need help starting (hand on a wall), but that’s it. I even got confident enough that I put my TT bike on it and rode in the aero bars. Awesome.

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