Carbon Fiber Wheels

Most people think carbon wheels are too expensive. They are not!

psimet2012-catalog-3I went direct to the factory when sourcing my carbon rim offerings. They are durable and proven and also some of the most common re-branded rims throughout the industry. I make no qualms about the fact that I am a builder/assembler. I am NOT a carbon fiber rim OEM.

Many of the same higher priced more “well known” wheel builders are using the same carbon fiber rims I am. They are just putting their decal on it and assuming you won’t ask who actually made the rim. Others paid for the time and research. You and I reap the benefits. Simply fill out the contact form to get a quote for your custom carbon fiber wheelset.

The Result

Full carbon clinchers and tubular rims?that can be built up using just about any hub your heart desires. Spoke options and lacings are your choice. The drillings are currently set but are arguably the best choice for durability and longevity for the majority of riders.

Premium Carbon Fiber Options

In addition to the carbon rims that I import I also offer premium carbon rims factory direct from ENVE Composites. I personally consider ENVE Composites to be the singular best high end carbon fiber rim currently available on the market today. ?Period.

At PSIMET we can custom configure your ENVE rims with any spoke and hub combination or lacing at our disposal. ?I made a personal promise to ENVE that I would not remove their decals and I stick to my word so while I can’t customize your decals on your ENVE rims I CAN powder coat your spokes for a fee! ?Just ask!