Cyclocross Wheels



At PSIMET we have been elbow deep in the glory that is cyclocross longer than most wheel companies have even been aware of its existence. We’ve pushed the stakes in, wrapped the course tape, designed the courses, run many race (2 in Chicago annually), thrown elbows at the power washers at Nationals and Worlds, etc. ?Personally, Rob has glued nearly a thousand tubulars in the last couple of seasons alone.

In that time we have learned what definitely works and what definitely DOESN’T work. We’ve learned that every other wheel manufacturer believes that cross just should use road rims. ?They don’t understand that there is a difference. ?We’ve learned that the designers of the molds of most of the world’s carbon rims not only have no idea what cyclocross is, but have never even seen a cyclocross tire. ?We’ve learned that the industry does not believe that cyclocross is large enough to JUSTIFY its own carbon rim.

At PSIMET it is our role to break Paradigms. ?You never succeed by doing what everyone else is already doing. Last year we designed our own cyclocross specific carbon rim. The 38W. ?There is NO OTHER RIM EVEN REMOTELY LIKE IT.

Ever other rim on the market – even the self proclaimed “wide” rims – stick to the same gluing profile that is standard for road tubulars. ?This is so that the rim can be dual purposed. ?Honestly this may also be because no one at any of those companies ever really stopped to think, “hey, maybe the gluing surface should change to match the tires we are using for cross.”


This means that in order to glue these rims you must build up successive layers of glue in order to fill the middle gap in the rim, use “Belgium Tape” or gluing tape – helping ensure that the tire will never come off of that rim in 1 piece, or press the tires into the middle so deeply as to change the actual profile and consequently the performance of the outside of the tire.

The 38W not only is 23mm wide but it also has a very specific gluing profile that was created by 3D modeling the actual profiles of Clement and Challenge cyclocross tubulars. ?As a result there is edge to edge contact between the base tape of the tire and the gluing surface of the rim. ?There is roughly 25% more actual rim to tire contact than a Zipp 303, one of the most common road tubular wheels that masquerades as a cyclocross wheel. ?Think of that the next time you’re bombing into a corner across frozen ruts within arms reach of the racer in front of you with only 20psi in your tires.

We released the 38W last season. ?In the process we replaced many manufacturers at the top steps of podiums across the country. ?We put them on the ground at USGP, Belgium, Nationals, Masters Worlds, and Elite Worlds.

Performance and popularity of the rim has grown so much that we have decided to offer 3 options as standard builds this year. PSIMET always believes in the true custom build but we have maintained for years that during cyclocross season – even a 2 or 3 week wait can be half of your local points series races. As a result we offer the 38W in pre-spec options to allow us to deliver right away