Powertap Wheels

PSIMET Custom Powertap Wheels

powertap-hubPowertap power measuring devices are universally recognized as one of the leading power meters available for cycling.

Over the last few years Saris has refined their product even more and given the cycling world one of the best upgrades ever ? ANT+ wireless. Now you aren?t ?stuck? with using just a Saris head unit for your powertap but you can pair it with any ANT+ compatible device. The list of compatible devices is growing daily and includes GPS offerings from Garmin.

I build using the entire line. You can get the unit with or without an electropack (kit that contains the wiring harness, upload cradle, head unit, etc). I can also simply sell you a wheel system without the electropack if you prefer to use a different alternate ANT+ head unit. Simply contact me for a quote to get started.

  • Pro+ – The best price point in the line. This is the old SL unit with ANT+ wireless communication. It sheds weight over the Elite+ by using the old Alloy axle design. That axle size was increased in late 2009 to a 15mm axle – same as the SL+. Not much more than the Elite+ and a worthy consideration for an upgrade choice. By far this is the most popular unit I sell.
  • SL+ – This is the first of the new generation of units from Saris. The axle and bearing setup has been redesigned to give you an overall stiffer and more durable hub while staying at approximately the same weight as the Pro+. Is it worth the upgrade over the Pro+? That?s your choice. For what it?s worth this is the unit I am currently riding on. An update to this is that the PRO+ was upgraded to a 15mm axle in late 2009 making the 2 units even closer.
  • SLC+ – This is the SL+ unit with ceramic bearings. This unit is the choice for those that have to have the lightest Powertap option out there.