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Carbon clinchers, aluminum rimmed road cycling wheels

- at PSIMET we carry both and they are built by hand for you. Our C550 Carbon Clincher represents the best value in the industry.


Cyclocross Wheels

- rim brake or disk brake, tubular or clincher, we have the CX wheels for you. Our 38W wheels feature a unique rim designed by us.


Mountain bike wheels

. PSIMET is introducing MTB Wheels to our lineup. Details and ordering information here.

From our blog


Myths About Wheel Building

By Rob Curtis (aka PSIMET) The internet is a great invention. It allows us to access information so readily it can truly make your head spin. Turns out it also provides immediate access to information regardless of its validity. As a wheelbuilder this situation can really be a pain. Like with all hobbies or interests […]


Doing What He Loved

Warning: some of the language used here is reflective of great feeling and passion therefore some may not like it. Therefore NSFW, kids, or whatever. “Well at least he died doing what he loved.” Bullshit. I’ve ridden my bike for a lot of years. Every year it seems like more and more drivers are distracted. […]

Robert Curtis - PSIMET

What Makes PSIMET Custom Wheels Different?

By: Rob Curtis (aka “PSIMET”) Custom wheel is one of many terms given to wheels that are considered to be set apart from “Other Wheels”. The “others” in this case are mass produced wheels that are born in a factory either on a wheel building machine in most instances or even by hand of workers […]

The bearded wonder that is Anthony Mikos. Bike Shop Manager at PSIMET

Shop Life: Rebel Without A Pawls

By: Anthony Mikos (MIKE-us)/PSIMET Shop Manager In February of 2016 I quit my job of working in a warehouse to work at…well…manage, according to my business card, a bicycle shop. With a month behind me, I figured I would set aside some space on the site to relate my experiences in this new career. So […]


Spoke Selection in Bicycle Wheels

  Spokes can tend to be a bit of a black hole of knowledge to a lot of people. Most everyone realizes that you need to have them as a part of the wheel but not a lot of them actually know why. Even if you simply take the fact that they are needed and […]


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