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Myths About Wheel Building

By Rob Curtis (aka PSIMET) The internet is a great invention. It allows us to access information so readily it can truly make your head spin. Turns out it also provides immediate access to information regardless of its validity. As a wheelbuilder this situation can really be a pain. Like with all hobbies or interests […]

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Doing What He Loved

Warning: some of the language used here is reflective of great feeling and passion therefore some may not like it. Therefore NSFW, kids, or whatever. “Well at least he died doing what he loved.” Bullshit. I’ve ridden my bike for a lot of years. Every year it seems like more and more drivers are distracted. […]

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The bearded wonder that is Anthony Mikos. Bike Shop Manager at PSIMET

Shop Life: Rebel Without A Pawls

By: Anthony Mikos (MIKE-us)/PSIMET Shop Manager In February of 2016 I quit my job of working in a warehouse to work at…well…manage, according to my business card, a bicycle shop. With a month behind me, I figured I would set aside some space on the site to relate my experiences in this new career. So […]

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Anonymity – The Real Dope Killing Bike Racing

I saw quite a few links in the news lately about that Brandt-Sorenson guy out of LA. I don’t know the details about the case but I was reading an article on Cycling Tips about how this guy had a pseudonym on Strava: Thorfinn-Sassquatch. The article is here: link. Generally the guy represents everything that I find […]

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Clean Start to 2016

The gyms have been flooded with new recruits. Grocery stores filled with more shoppers buying fresh fruits and veggies. Crockpots have been dusted off and work fridges overflow with lunch containers from those who have resolved to make their own lunches once again. Who can blame them? There is nothing quite as intoxicating as the […]

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Aluminum vs Carbon for Cyclocross

I get asked A LOT about the differences between aluminum rims and carbon rims for cyclocross use. In the days of rim brakes there was a lot of things going for the aluminum side. That being said nothing beats the feeling and strength of the carbon setups. That last bit usually comes with the following […]

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Park TS2.2p

The new version of Park’s beloved TS-2, the powder coated TS-2.2p, is like a giant bumbling Smurf that will continue to draw the regular shops of the world down the road of continuing to provide extremely poor wheel builds and horribly inaccurate truing for years to come. In case you can’t tell, I am not […]

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Helen Wyman

Two years ago I was afforded a unique opportunity that allowed me to dress as one of my favorite and all around amazing cyclocross racers for our Halloween cyclocross race here in Chicago.  The “costume” was complete with one of that pro’s actual skinsuits.  What made it more interesting was that racer was in fact […]

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