Carbon clinchers, aluminum rimmed road cycling wheels

- at PSIMET we carry both and they are built by hand for you. Our C550 Carbon Clincher represents the best value in the industry.


Cyclocross Wheels

- rim brake or disk brake, tubular or clincher, we have the CX wheels for you. Our 38W wheels feature a unique rim designed by us.


Mountain bike wheels

. PSIMET is introducing MTB Wheels to our lineup. Details and ordering information here.

From our blog


The century we rode yesterday was a good one. We rode a bit faster than I had imagined we would. Not a record breaker, but faster than planned. It was kind of weird. Every time we mentioned something remotely superstitious in nature…karma would come around and bit us in the butt. Some comment on how […]

Last Minute Century

I’m trying to organize a century for tomorrow morning. Finally threw down the map: Alternate Local Solo CenturyFind more Bike Rides in Elgin, Illinois

Ride Picture Treasures

I wrote a long ride report over on Bike Forums about the Horribly Hilly Hundreds ride I did last weekend. While combing through other reports I noticed CyLowe’s pictures just don’t show up at work (blocked by the firewall) so I took it upon myself to proxy over and save copies of everything on my […]

Sometimes I hate wheelbuilding.

Wheel building can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. There really aren’t a lot of really good resources for specific technical questions or aspects of building. I am too lazy to accurately model the stuff in a CAD program…although at some point I will need to, but that’s top secret. So you end […]

Why not? Everyone else is.

I figured it was time to foray into the blog world. Quite a few friends do it…so why not me. This same rationale has led to various other poor decisions over the years as well…. meh. In general this will be my attempt for a stream of conciousness outside of my normal venues. It will […]


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