Training Center

2017-2018 Training Center – Computrainer Multi-Rider Studio – Classes

Focused indoor training under the guidance of professional coaching has long been known as the way to dramatically increase your fitness, performance, and competitiveness to levels you could have only imagined and most likely never achieved on your own. Effective training has been proven time and time again to be the most effective upgrade one can buy.

Training with a Computrainer allows for customized, athlete-specific intensity levels (power output) based on periodic FTP (Functional Threshold Power) testing. These intensity levels are then adjusted as fitness changes:

  • This makes it very easy to track improvements over time and see the value in doing this type of work.
  • Allows for training at the optimum stress level to ensure the quickest and most efficient training gains
  • Makes the most of your training time.
  • This is Training with Power ? and this is why it the industry standard

Not only does computrainer class based training help develop your motor but it also addresses key areas that are near impossible to address at home, alone in your basement on a trainer:

  • Movement economy – ability to output power is great but it doesn’t help if that power is wasted through poor technique
  • This type of indoor training environment serves to motivate during the otherwise empty months of the year when the racing season is over and nothing much is happening.
  • You can?t meet other supportive athletes, enthusiasts, or cycling gurus (bike nerds) in your basement. Come get your fix.


PSIMET (Sigh-Met) Computrainer Multi-Rider studio is at 11 Jackson St, East Dundee, IL. This convenient location is in the middle of downtown East Dundee, right on the Fox River Trail, and next to a mix of great shopping, restaurants and beverage locations of choice.


Computrainer indoor trainers are known as the industry standard when it comes to indoor multi-rider indoor training studios. Computrainer units are routinely used for Sanctioned Indoor Time Trials/Racing. In this location you will find one of Chicagoland’s newest studios equipped with all of the necessary equipment and facilities. Everything set to allow you to make the most out of the small amount of training time you really have.

Simply come prepared to ride like you normally would. There is a rest room to allow for changing before and after your ride. Remember to bring:

  • Bike, shoes, riding attire
  • 2 filled bottles with your preferred riding drink
  • Towel – we have lots of fan but we still try to make you sweat puddles


Simply purchase the class times you want from our online store.  If they are still listed then they are still available.

11 Jackson St E Dundee, IL - 60118
(847) 428-2600