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At PSIMET we have more experience in cyclocross than just about everyone who considers us a competitor. It’s led to us developing specific offerings both in wheels as well as accessories, upgrades, tools, etc. These developed out of necessity – not marketing. No one else knows what’s really needed so we did it ourselves.

Our 38W rim started it off. It was our first rim we designed from the mold up and we did it to fill a tremendous void left by all the big companies who were happy to just sell road product as cyclocross product. In the 4 years since we introduced it we have come to realize that this rim has in fact surpassed all of our expectations – continuing to surprise even us here at PSIMET daily.

The 38W has a very specific gluing profile that was created by 3D modeling the actual profiles of Clement and Challenge cyclocross tubulars. As a result there is edge to edge contact between the base tape of the tire and the gluing surface of the rim. The ENTIRE base tape on the tire is in direct contact with the rim. The rim is the exact width of the base tape. Wider is a waste. Narrower is for road.

There is no need for “Belgian Tape”. There are NO GAPS to fill. Think of that the next time you’re bombing into a corner across frozen ruts within arms reach of the racer in front of you with only 20psi in your tires.

Since releasing the 38W it’s seen action in UCI events all over the world. The sands of Belgium, forests of China, even the protected heritage tree areas of Austin. To this day they keep picking up more and more podiums and the competitor’s keep getting stacked in piles for repairs.

Performance and popularity of the rim has grown so much that we now offer many standard builds. PSIMET always believes in the true custom build but we have maintained for years that during cyclocross season – even a 2 or 3 week wait can be half of your local points series races. As a result we offer the 38W in pre-spec options to allow us to deliver right away

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